A Day To Remember recently dropped their new single Paranoia, the first track they have released since 2013’s Common Courtesy. As a fan of much of their work, I was pretty excited when this was put out, and listened to it the first chance I got. But I was not expecting what came out of my speakers when I hit play. First of all, I thought Stick To Your Guns had started playing by accident, because the opening riff is virtually identical to What Choice Did You Give Us. As the song progresses, it is quite clear that ADTR are taking a lot of influences from Hardcore, but there is so much Stick To Your Guns here, stick Jesse Barnett on vocals and you would think it was them on first listen.

Despite these similarities, it makes quite a lot of sense that they have brought this sound into their music. Common Courtesy brought back more of the Metalcore featured on their first album, so it only makes sense to bring back some of their old Hardcore Punk influences as well. While the riff is pretty standard Hardcore fare, their is still that signature ADTR big chorus and great breakdown, although that is straight out of the Hardcore handbook.

All in all, while this change in sound is perfectly fine, I hope this is not a sign that they are completely abandoning their ‘easycore’ sound that put them on the map. Hardcore as a genre itself is becoming saturated with bands that sound very similar as it is, we don’t need an already great band such as ADTR to turn into another generic Hardcore band. Despite this, it is actually a fairly good song, with a pounding riff and a catchy chorus which retains all the goodness in Jeremy McKinnon’s voice that separates him from every other Pop Punk vocalist.


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